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Smiling, you flipped your hair back over your shoulder and tried to feel confident as you balanced on your stilettos. As a Cube Ent. Trainee, the company had you attend a few events to familiarize yourself with the business. Some other newbies were milling about and you were trying to figure out what to do with yourself when something caught your eye. Was that… B2st?!
You heart just about stopped as your favourite band walked into the entryway. You’d never expected to meet other members of Cube Ent. So soon after only starting training a few weeks ago. “Omo!” You whispered to the girl standing beside you. “So cute!” She nodded and beckoned you closer.
“Want to go talk to them?” she whispered. You nodded but as soon as you turned to go you saw a huge group flock around them. Dejectedly, you headed back to the drink table and thought about how to get closer… maybe even for an autograph, as lame as it sounded. You were pouring a drink when a familiar shock of red hair appeared in the corner of your eye. Hyunseung!!
“Annyeonghaseyo,” he said casually. Was… was he speaking to you? Your hand shook as you grasped the bottle, but as you opened your mouth to reply, your heart sank. “Pour me one, as well.” Oh. He just thought you worked there. You were slightly annoyed- after all the work and time that was put into your outfit and makeup, he thought you were a caterer? You spun around to correct him, forgetting that the bottle was still in your hand….
WHAM! The dark liquid exploded all over Hyunseung’s suit. His nice WHITE suit. It wasn’t that loud but everyone around you stopped what they were doing to stare. Time stopped as you watched the drink puddle around him and the bottle roll away unscathed. “I- I’m sorry-“ you started to stutter out, but he just shook his head, glaring. You tried to apologize but he just held his hand up. You heard him mutter as he walked away, “Looks like they let just anyone in nowadays…” You were embarrassed but at the same time felt angry. It wasn’t as if you’d done it on purpose, and that sort of accident could happen to anyone.
You tried to regain your composure as people looked away. Grabbing your drink again, you scuttled over to where your friend was waiting. “What was that?” she whispered.
“I don’t know!” you replied heatedly. “He was actually kind of a jerk.” You wanted to follow him and offer to pay for the dry cleaning and also make sure he knew you weren’t a host, but he’d disappeared.
The next day you were at dance rehearsal when the leader stopped class suddenly, with a big grin on her face. “Ladies!” she said excitedly. “Big news! The company just let me know that one of their biggest groups has some time off and arranged for us to have a practice session together since you will be dancing backup in their next music video!” Your heart soared then sank suddenly as you saw the idols walk through the door. B2ST. You still loved them as much as ever but knowing your luck you’d end up with Hyunseung as a partner and after last night… well… that was kind of the last thing you wanted. You tried not to fangirl as they entered the room, playing that you’d end up partnered with Yoseob or Kigwang, your favourite members, or any of the others. You tried to keep your head down as the group came to the front but you accidentally looked up for a second and he caught your eye.
At first he seemed like he didn’t recognized you and looked away, but he glanced back almost instantly, a look of confusion and surprise on his face which turned to a frown. You gulped. How dare he be the one to frown after he’d been so rude? As the teacher called the names off you tried to smile but ended up grimacing when you heard yours. Of course. You’d been paired with Hyunseung. He strolled up to you casually and you extended your arm. “Hi, I’m-“ you started to say but he cut you off.
“I know, you’re the girl that poured her drink all over me!” he said, chuckling like it was the funniest joke in the world. It was all you could do not to smack him, your apology long forgotten. “But in all seriousness,” he continued, “What’s your name?” You sighed and told him.
“Let’s just practice our routine.”
“Let’s just hope you can dance better than you can pour,” you heard him mutter under his breath. You acted like you hadn’t heard a word and just tried to practice and remain calm. Actually, you were doing pretty well. It was Hyunseung, who tried to seem so cool, that was messing up.
“It’s like this,” you tried to show him. At one point coming up he was going to have to lift you and you weren’t quite sure how you felt about it. At least they’d let you move into a private room after they’d made the groups so no one else could see your embarrassment.  And there it was- the moment for the lift…. And… you went down. Hard. “Ugh. Be careful. You’re kinda clumsy, you know?”
At first you thought he was going to get mad again but then he kinda smiled as he helped you up. “At least I can pour a drink,” he said to you. You rolled your eyes as he smirked.
“Can we just forget that already?” You begged and at that he laughed a little.
“Only if you can forget about this,” he replied. Just then the instructor popped her head in the door.
“Dance practice is over for today. We’ll continue this tomorrow.” Hyunseung smirked as he exited.
“See you tomorrow.”
He was right on time the next day as the two of you got to work practicing your moves. You almost felt a little red this time as he took your hand in time to the rhythm. He was doing a little better but still a little off so you giggled a bit. “I heard that!” He poked you between your eyes. You groaned but didn’t miss the beat. You held it steady for a few moments but suddenly he turned when he shouldn’t have.
“Hey, watch it!” you started to say but your sentence ended abruptly when his lips mashed against yours. One second passed… and another…. He kept you like that longer than needed until you eventually pushed him off. His face was crimson. “Wh’… what was that?” you stuttered.
“Uh… I dunno,” he replied, “but whatever it was, it was wrong, all wrong.” You were crushed for a second; you hadn’t found it so bad. You were about to reply in anger when he grabbed you again. “Now this… THIS will be right.” And once again, his lips were on yours and it felt so purposeful and he was correct…it really DID feel right. This time as he pulled away he smiled for real. “Maybe this clumsy girl and clumsy guy… might work out okay together after all!”
So I finished my novel and would like to see my ideas brought to life!
I will upload 10 1-page scenes and participants can choose which one to illustrate!
Let me know if you will enter and which scene you like!
 The links are here:
Option 1:…………………………


*open till December 10th, 2014
* anyone can enter! You don't have to be watching me, but I'll take it into consideration in there's 2 pieces I like equally!
*please make a journal about it and tag me if you enter! Spread the news!
*unlimited entries!
* please do it exactly as I have described in the scene!
* no plagarism or cheating (DUH haha)

CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS (if not mentioned in the scene)
Taylor- 18 y/o. Medium height. NOT skinny, with long, wavy reddish-brown hair and bangs that go to the side. She liked to wear skinny jeans and converse and is not afraid of the colour pink. Brown eyes.

Case- 21 y/o. Qutie tall. Muscled but not huge. wears old fashioned clothing and a hoodie. Has wavy sandy coloured hair that reaches his ears. Brown eyes. IMPORTANT- has a scar on the left side of his face, running from his temple, curving over his cheek and ending near his mouth. A few freckles. 

Theo- 20 y/o. Skinny and shorter than case but taller than Taylor. wears plain jeans and button up tops. Has blackish brown hair and green eyes. 

PRIZES- 1st place- 3 watches, a one month feature, 3 month premium, a free coloured portrait from me, a one shot that I'll write of your choice, 100 points,  25 faves, and a llama, a shoulder-up drawing of 1-2 characters with full colour/shading and a simple background by :iconfaraandmera:a fullbody drawing,a sketchdump,and a chibi by icon :iconsadarang: a fullbody coloured picture by :icondokidokisuki108:

2nd place- 2 watches, a 2-week feature, a free b/w portrait from me, an imagine of your choice, 50 points, 15 favs, and a llama, a shoulder-up drawing of 1-2 characters with full colour/shading and a simple background by :iconfaraandmera:,half body drawing and a chibi by :iconsadarang:and a lineart by :icondokidokisuki108:

3rd place- 1 watch, a one-week feature, a free sketch from me, 50 points, 10 favs, and a lllama, and a shoulder-up drawing of one character in a simple style by :iconfaraandmera:,a bust up drawing and a chibi by :iconsadarang:

let me know if you are willing to donate a prize!
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